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Terms and Conditions: An Advert To Offer will always be published to go out every fortnight. All artwork must be completed and proofed no later than the deadline date set. All monies must be payed by the invoice date. Not conforming to these guidelines could result in advertisements being withdrawn from being published. We reserve the right not to publish certain adverts. We cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in advertisement nor to any consequences arising from this. All Package Deals are subject to a minimum of 6 adverts being placed. Prior to your sixth advert you will receive a courtesy call to check if you wish to cancel the advert. Please note that Package 1 and Package 2 adverts will continue to be published and payment taken until we receive confirmation from the Advertiser to cancel the advert. It is entirely the Advertiser's responsibility to check that an advert has been cancelled. For recurring or package deal adverts if no new artwork is supplied by the deadline date set we will continue to run the current advert we hold. Specific sections of the booklet cannot be given and exact dates can also not be given. We are not held responsible for damage or loss of copy or error in printing. The Advertiserís responsibility is to ensure conformity with the Trade Descriptions Act of 1975 and the Consumer Credit Act of 1974. All artwork used in An Advert To Offer must not be published in any other advertisement magazine without our permission. All advert package deals which are ended earlier than the minimum of 6 adverts will result in discounted monies being charged at full rate. Although we set an extremely high distribution rate, due to human error we can only guarantee a 98% delivery rate.
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